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Gun rights crusader, musical legend and lifelong deerslayer, Ted Nugent - provides gungho serious hunters with killer hunting ammunition.

Developed for hunters that demand the most out of each round they shoot. Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammunition has unparalleled stopping power and accuracy. Teaming up with Barnes® Bullets, Uncle Ted’s Ammo line uses Triple-Shock X (TSX™) and Tipped TSX™ bullets. TSX and TTSX are renowned for their deadly accuracy, immediate expansion, and game stopping performance.

Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammo also includes popular handgun calibers. Using Uni-Core® Hollow Point projectiles by Speer®, Ted Nugent Ammo gives pistol hunters extreme accuracy, deep penetration, and high weight retention for quick, flawless kills.

Combining these killer projectiles with meticulous testing, loading, and extreme quality control ensures that serious hunters will have the best load for their next hunting adventure.

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